Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are you still operating during the pandemic (Covid-19) and what are you doing to ensure your customers are safe?

Yes, we are operating during the pandemic. Due to current measures we have to ensure more care is taken and therefore dispatch and delivery times may be affected. Please see our Covid 19 Prevention Policy for more information on the steps we take to comply with government regulations and ensure we are keeping our customers safe. 


Why choose the name NomNom Sweets?

If it isn’t already obvious, NomNom is associated with the sound your mouth makes when full of our delicious, yummy sweets. Sometimes what you’re looking for is right in front of you.


I have a specific allergy or dietary need, do you have sweets for me?

OF COURSE! Our sweets cater to many diets including gluten-free, gelatine free and vegan to name a few. Although we do not mix with other sweets please note that your sweets are packaged in an environment that may not be free from nuts, wheat etc. 

We try our hardest to ensure no cross-contamination with other sweets and therefore it is important that you do not purchase if any cross-contamination may affect your health adversely. Above all, your health is our number 1 priority. 


Are your sweets halal?

YES! All of our sweets are halal. Halal is from the Arabic language and means permissible and is only relevant to those from the Islamic faith. Due to a large muslim customer base all over the world, it is a lot easier for us to provide and purchase from suppliers that specialise in halal sweets. Halal sweets are exactly the same as non-halal sweets the major difference being that instead of pork gelatine (and other products derived from animals/insects etc), halal sweets will use beef gelatine or no animal products at all. 

Obviously for vegetarian and vegan sweets these will not include any animal products and therefore these are suitable for those particular diets. 


I would like to make a large order, do you provide wholesale prices or special discounts?

Although we specialise in pick & mix sweets we are more than happy to provide particular discounts for larger orders. This does not include custom choices such as our pick & mix bags and ‘create your own’. The order would need to be in excess of £500 before being considered for discounts. However, if you are a personal customer we always have special offers through our instagram, Facebook and website. Keep checking back to see when we offer these deals. 


I would like to return my items, how can I do this?

Due to Covid-19 and to avoid the risk of infection, we have temporarily changed our returns policy. We usually accept returns within 14 days if your items are unopened, in its original packaging and/or faulty. However, as the items are perishable items we will only usually accept the items back if they are faulty (e.g. we have made a mistake and sent you a 500g bag of sweets instead of 750g). Nevertheless we are still happy to consider all returns requests and therefore please contact us on and we will assess your request. 


I am unhappy with your service and would like to make a complaint, how do I do this?

In the unlikely event you are unhappy with our products or our service, please allow us the opportunity to make it right. Please contact us on and briefly describe what the issue is. We will do our utmost best to ensure we provide you with the high level of service you expect (OUR CUSTOMERS COME FIRST!). 

If you are still unsatisfied with our solution or we cannot come to a solution for your issue, you are more than welcome to write to us at detailing your complaint. We will file this complaint and use it as training and feedback for future orders. 


Where are NomNom Sweets and its suppliers based?

We are based in Isleworth, West London, very close to Twickenham Rugby Stadium (England’s Home Ground). Our headquarter address is 44 Worple Avenue, Isleworth, TW7 7JG. It is not open to customers and we are not insured to have non-staff at the premises (although we would love to invite all our customers over for tea and biscuits!). 

Our suppliers are all UK based and we are proud to support UK businesses.